Sunday, June 04, 2006

My first Red Sox hat

My first Red Sox hat
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It's a little big, but I'm still proud to wear it.

This was a gift from my grandpa for being 6 months old. I'll actually be 6 months old on 06/06/06. Creepy, huh?

By now, I'm enjoying my rice and oat cereal every day. I'm looking forward to trying sweet potatoes and bananas next weekend.

I'm starting to imitate people when they make popping sounds with their lips. I'm rolling over a lot more and can wiggle my way around on my back.

I slept through the night one night last week, but I told my mom not to get used to it.

I had my first big road trip a couple weeks ago. We visited my grandparents in Pennsylvania. It was loads of fun. I got to meet my new friends Inda, Finn, and Finn. Yep, there are two Finns. One Finn is my age, but the other Finn and Inda are younger than me. I was the biggest baby of that group. People kept calling me "solid." Me, solid? I guess so...


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