Sunday, June 18, 2006

He-Man Baby

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Seems we have a strong one!

In other news, today was Matt's first Father's Day. We celebrated by getting out of the 90 degree heat and into the air conditioned Barnes and Noble to burn $150 worth of gift cards we had accumulated. We bought Sam a boat-load of books and Matt got a couple computer books for himself (one of the gift cards was his).

When it comes to bringing baby along on such outings, Matt and I have been pretty wimpy. We probably haven't given Sam enough credit and feared that he would breakdown and scream in public. It happened once at our local library when Sam was six weeks old and the looks I got as we were rushing out the door have left me scarred.

Now that Sam is over 6 months old, we're realizing that he needs to get out and see more of the world, suburban book superstore included. We brought him along to B&N in his stroller and he was wide awake the whole time and taking it all in. We even stopped for lunch at the cafe and Sam was hamming it up with the people seated near us -- when he wasn't trying to grab my sandwich, that is.

So, not only do we have a strong baby who can lift up play mats, but we have a very good baby who deserves to be out in public a lot more. Another way to look at it is the public deserves to be in the presence of our great baby!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sitting Up

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Sam can sit up on his own now. We don't leave him alone like this though because he can tip over at any time with no warning and there are a lot of hard, sharp things he can fall into. Like the coffee table in the picture.

Ahhh, childproofing. Yet one more thing we have to do at some point.

Another thing in the picture you may have noticed is the wrist brace I am wearing. I've developed tendinitis from lifting a 20lb baby too much. To be more specific, I believe I have De Quervain's Tendinitis which is common in new mothers. Since the photo was taken, I've upgraded to a larger wrist brace that also has a thumb splint to restrict thumb movement. It's been a pain -- in many ways.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

My first Red Sox hat

My first Red Sox hat
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It's a little big, but I'm still proud to wear it.

This was a gift from my grandpa for being 6 months old. I'll actually be 6 months old on 06/06/06. Creepy, huh?

By now, I'm enjoying my rice and oat cereal every day. I'm looking forward to trying sweet potatoes and bananas next weekend.

I'm starting to imitate people when they make popping sounds with their lips. I'm rolling over a lot more and can wiggle my way around on my back.

I slept through the night one night last week, but I told my mom not to get used to it.

I had my first big road trip a couple weeks ago. We visited my grandparents in Pennsylvania. It was loads of fun. I got to meet my new friends Inda, Finn, and Finn. Yep, there are two Finns. One Finn is my age, but the other Finn and Inda are younger than me. I was the biggest baby of that group. People kept calling me "solid." Me, solid? I guess so...