Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mother's Day at the Arboretum

Originally uploaded by stacy's plate.

Dear Loyal Reader(s),

After several months of posting only photos and a few sentences, I have decided to put Stacy's Plate on hiatus. Perhaps in the future, I will have more interesting things to write about, but for now, it seems redundant to post photos of Sam to Flickr, and then post one photo from Flickr to Stacy's Plate with little to no commentary.

Fear not, you can still get your weekly (or monthly as it's been lately) dose of Sam cuteness by visiting my Flickr site. You can even subscribe to its feed and be alerted automatically when new photos have been uploaded.

You can leave comments for each photo just as you would for the blog. Please do -- I love getting comments! Likewise, I may start giving the photos titles and descriptions, but no promises.

Wait! Before you delete this blog from your feed reader, I'm not completely retiring Stacy's Plate. Once in a while I may post some videos or photo montages that I can't do through Flickr.

Thanks for stopping by!


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