Monday, October 18, 2004

Eurasia Deli

Where can you get really good Chinese take-out, Boars Head Deli meats, beer and wine, a bag of Doritos, cat food, and Boozah (Lebanese style gelato)?

At the Eurasia Deli on Rt. 111 in Boxborough, Massachusetts, that's where! No need to travel to New York City, or even Cambridge, Mass! Yes, folks, a two mile drive from my house down a curving, wooded road through West Acton and Boxborough, will lead you to the new and amazing Eurasia Deli. Watch out for deer crossing the road if you venture out after dark.

I can now say that we are no longer lacking a decent Chinese take-out place. The food is really good. They use lots of fresh veggies and they even have "vegetarian tofu chicken" and other yummy meat substitutes, which is hard to find outside of the city. It's true, we have to drive to get there, but while we are picking up our dinner, we can stock up on beer and wine and whatever else we may need.

We were a little skeptical at first, wondering how someone could run a convenience store, sell a nice selection of beer and wine and make high quality Chinese food. But these people seem to know what they are doing. We've been twice since they opened this summer and we plan on going back many many times.


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