Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Cherry Ice Cream

We spent our 4th of July at home, but we celebrated in a culinary way. I made home made raspberry mint iced tea. We had hot dogs on the grill with home made cole slaw and canned vegetarian baked beans. And for dessert we had home made cherry ice cream that I made in my new Cuisinart ice cream maker.

My brother and his wife gave us the ice cream maker for a wedding gift and this was the first time we used it. The ice cream was great and it was very easy to make, but it does require some planning ahead. In fact the ice cream wasn't really ready to eat until the next day because it was still too soft. There is a lot of waiting involved when making ice cream.

First, I mixed the basic ingredients together: milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla. Then I let it sit in the fridge for at least 3 hours before I put it in the ice cream maker. While the milk and cream mixture sat, I pitted and halved some cherries and cooked them in a sugar syrup for about a half hour. They also had to chill for a while. The ice cream maker part was easy. This process only lasted about 1/2 hour. When everything was mixed together and was the consistency of thick whipped cream, I transferred the concoction to a freezer safe container and put it back in the freezer. Ideally, it should sit over night to harden.

Needless to say, home made ice cream is not a last minute venture. It is worth the wait though. I am anxious to try making slushies or granita because I don't expect there to be any waiting time involved with that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We've got the same ice cream maker. This probably reflects poorly on my patience, but we usually skip the step of chilling the mixture (unless it had to be heated for the recipe it's already pretty chill) and we eat it soon after it's done mixing rather than waiting until the next day. It's not that mushy, but it's not hard like from the store. Still tastes great, so it's worth it for the instant gratification!


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