Friday, June 25, 2004

Rising Star Part II

I just got the phone call. Ask This Old House is coming to my house on Tuesday morning and I will be taped using power tools for the world to see. Tom Silva and I will be building two window boxes from scratch and installing "L" brackets on my house. I'll be left to prime and paint the boxes and install them on the brackets after the crew leaves so you won't see the finished product on the show.

The producer told me that the show won't be aired until December or January most likely.

I am really freaked out. What did I get myself into? I'm sure it will be a great experience, but I'm so nervous.


Blogger Molly said...

This is incredibly neat! I!! can't wait to hear more about it. My suggestion would be to just focus on what he has to teach you, not be afraid to enjoy the experience, and let yourself have FUN. (I know this is all easier said than done) I, too, get very nervous when I'm being filmed or recorded.

I'll think of you Tuesday morning!

4:45 PM  

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