Thursday, September 08, 2005

long time no blog

I've been occupied, what can I say?

Work has been rather busy lately - in a good way. Home life has been crazy as we prepare for major construction that will start ANY DAY NOW and had better be finished long before the bean arrives! My 4 year old 16lb orange tabby cat had to have four teeth extracted last week. And all of a sudden I am 6 months pregnant (where has the time gone?)!

On top of all that, what could I possibly have to share about my own rather mundane life while so many people (and animals) are suffering beyond anything that I can try to wrap my brain around -- IN MY OWN COUNTRY where stuff like this just doesn't happen to people - at least not to people I know in my own cushy sheltered life.

What gets me most are the pet stories. I have to run and turn off the radio or TV or change the web page as soon as I hear or see anything about people who had to leave their beloved pets behind when they evacuated. I started to hear one story on NPR about a woman who had left her cats about 3 days worth of food because she thought she'd be back home after that. Hearing stories like that and seeing photos of skinny dirty dogs and cats wander around aimlessly looking for food and drinking contaminated water breaks my heart. I can't bear to listen and I must go hug my own spoiled cats. I've donated money to the ASPCA and can only hope that these pets are not being ignored by rescue teams.

Too much, too much...

Getting back to my mundane life, here is a general update:

As I mentioned above, I am 6-months pregnant now and really showing. The baby is also learning how to break dance in my belly (as I write this). I had a third ultrasound a week ago to check on some placenta issue (which resolved itself) and asked if I was still having a boy (I wanted to be really sure), and indeed he is still a boy. It was a lot more obvious this time!

I am starting to get nervous because we have not bought one item for the baby yet. We have been offered so many items from friends and coworkers and I am extremely grateful, but because of the current chaotic state of our house we have no where to store these items. People keep reassuring me that we don't need to have everything in place yet, but I am a planner/list-maker/type A sort of person and it is driving me crazy not being prepared in advance.

You may or may not know that we are having a dormer added to the second floor of our cape which will contain a second bathroom and some much needed closet space. This work was supposed to have started in June, but our original contractor evaporated into thin air. We have since signed a contract with a reputable construction company (fingers crossed) that specializes in dormers and second floor additions. They were originally supposed to start the day after Labor Day and now they say they will start next week. I am nervous and stressed about this whole thing because it's my house after all. Not to mention I fear that my cats will freak out and run away because of the noise and chaos. But mostly, I'm afraid it won't be finished in time for the baby.

No recipes to report today. I will say that I have been enjoying the bounty of summer. Tomatoes... corn... blue berries... peaches... tomatoes... tomatoes... tomatoes...

Matt and I branched out on our exploration of beef and grilled up some steak tips this weekend. They were pretty darn good, I must admit. We are wondering what we'll do when the baby is old enough to eat solid food. Before the pregnancy, we had a pretty much vegetarian lifestyle at home, except for fish occasionally. We're getting a little hooked on the meat thing though. It's still pretty infrequent that we actually have it at our house and we'll probably continue with our current lifestyle. I guess we'll play it by ear.

That's all for now.


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