Thursday, June 09, 2005

My pregnancy makes people very generous

-- or inspires them to clean house!

I've only been public with my pregnancy for 3-4 days and already, I've been offered an oak rocking chair, a crib with bumpers and bedding, a baby swing, a Graco pack n play (whatever that is), a Baby Bjorn and Maya Wrap sling (I think I know what these are), an Exersaucer (heh?), several strollers (one is a stroller/car seat combo), baby clothes and shoes, toys, and a baby monitor!

Today, I was handed a bag of maternity clothes from a co-worker who just had her third baby not even 3 weeks ago!

When it comes time for my shower, I'll have to request spa gift certificates for myself because there will be nothing left to buy! I know, that's not true though as there will always be stuff that we'll need.

Thank you, everyone for your extreme generosity. I know how much money I'll be saving with all of your hand-me-downs, and you don't have to thank me for taking it off your hands! :)


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