Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bean is now a Sweet Potato (a boy sweet potato)

I'm a sweet potato now!

I passed the half-way mark in my pregnancy. I had my second ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and found out that we are having a boy. He is about the size of a sweet potato now -- 9-10 inches long (head to toe) and weighs about 10-11 oz. I'm going around with a ruler, measuring things that are 10 inches long and looking at weights on products to compare. I can't believe there is a 10 inch long creature in my belly. And, my can of compressed air that I use to periodically clean the crumbs out of my keyboard weighs 10 oz.

Just this past week I started feeling baby movements. I wasn't sure at first if that was what I was feeling because I usually feel them after I eat. I thought it may have been digestion I was feeling. After a week of this, I can say that I'm pretty sure it's the baby. It feels just like what I've read - a fluttering or like having a goldfish swim in your belly. The movements are not quite strong enough for Matt to feel yet, but it shouldn't be long now...


Blogger FemiKnitMafia said...

He looks like he's sun bathing. Don't you wonder what they're doing in there? Either way ... super cute!! With a perfect little nose and perfect little lips. Congrats!

8:45 AM  

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