Monday, June 13, 2005

Old Navy to the Rescue

My pants are too tight. I can no longer button the tops of most of them and have resorted to "the rubber band trick" (Thanks for the tip, Katie!). Since it's not professional to walk around work, or the grocery store, with your pants undone, I accepted the fact that I needed to do something.

I didn't want to spend a lot of money on clothes that will only last me a couple of months. (I'm still wearing clothes I bought in the 90's, people), so I went to Target a couple weeks ago to look at their maternity clothes. The smallest size they had in pants, shorts, or skirts was a size 6. I'm usually a size 2. Everything I tried on fell right off, over my hips, onto the floor. Not to mention, the pants were all too long. I guess I'm not ready for real maternity clothes. But I had to do something!

A Google search on "petite maternity clothes" resulted in two unexpected stores. Old Navy and the Gap. These are two stores which I am known to spend some money from time to time (usually off the sale rack). There was hope for me after all.

Though I depend on the Internet for many things, I do not purchase clothing from websites. It's so hard to find things that fit me properly that I really prefer to try things on and see them in person. So, last Friday, I went to the local Old Navy and was extremely pleased to find that they actually carry maternity clothes in the store! Not only that, but they come in my size! And they're very reasonably priced! The styles are very cute - what I'd normally wear, and they don't all have that big-old maternity panel. I won't need that until the fall, probably.

I purchased enough to hopefully get me though the summer, and I didn't break the bank. Thank you, Old Navy.


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