Saturday, August 05, 2006

There's something on your face

Sam has started eating veggie puffs. They're like very airy corn cereal and they're good first finger food for babies because they pretty much melt in the baby's mouth. Sam is pretty good at picking them up and getting them in his mouth. We've been giving him a handfuls to eat while we're eating our dinner. This new development has allowed us to eat dinner at the same time and at the table! This is revolutionary. The one drawback of these veggie puffs is that once they become wet, they stick to everything.

In the following short video (about 30 seconds), Sam is caught with one of the veggie puffs stuck to his face. He was also distracted by the dining room light fixture, which is why he keeps averting his eyes from the camera.

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Blogger MaryC said...

So precious!

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