Monday, September 11, 2006

Someone's trash*...

Originally uploaded by stacy's plate. someone else's treasure.

I don't normally take things off the side of the road, but our next door neighbor, who has three kids, left a bunch of stuff at the bottom of their driveway this weekend. It just so happens that one of the items they were giving away for free was just the item we have been looking for -- a used baby backpack carrier!

It was in fine shape, except for a bit of dust and Sam fits in it perfectly. Most of all, it's comfortable for Matt to wear and it looks slightly more "masculine" than the Baby Bjorn (Matt's words, not mine). Sam is getting a bit large for the Bjorn anyhow.

These types of carriers are sold new for over $100. I do love a bargain and boy do I love free!

We gave the carrier a test drive and went to one of our local conservation lands for a 2 mile walk in the woods. We stopped to say hello to some horses along the way and also saw some crazy-looking mushrooms. It was a beautiful day.

*Disclaimer: I wouldn't have picked this out of the trash. It's common for my neighbors to leave their unneeded items out for free give-aways.


Blogger MaryC said...

Love when that sort of thing happens! Good for you! Enjoy! (Sam looks like he was!)

7:28 AM  

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