Wednesday, September 06, 2006

9 months old

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Sam is 9 months old today.

I would be lying if I said we celebrated by taking sam out for breakfast, but we did take him out to a diner for the first time this weekend. He loved it -- from the bits of blueberry pancakes I fed him, to the ceiling fans overhead, and all of the new people to watch.

Sam has four teeth now - two on top and two on the bottom. His food repetoir has increased to include cottage cheese and soon, yogurt. I've also started feeding him small bits of table food, but this hasn't replaced his usual meals of pureed baby food.

Sam can tolerate sitting on the floor playing with toys for longer periods of time, but he still prefers to be "walking" all over the house. We think this boy will walk on his own before he crawls!

After a brief set back in his sleeping patterns (brief meaning two plus weeks of multiple overnight awakenings), Sam seems to be back on track and sleeping almost through the night on most nights. All I can say is thank you Huggies Overnight diapers!

Some other cute things Sam has started doing is reaching out to me if he wants me to hold him, biting my shoulder or collar bone (ouch!) if he wants to nurse, pointing to things in his books (e.g., the red balloon and the fireplace in Goodnight Moon), and the best thing is he lays his head on your shoulder if he is sleepy. He's definitely more of a little person now than a baby.


Anonymous Ben said...

It's hard to believe how much can happen in 9 months! It seems like it's been longer. I think taking your kid to a diner is one of the sweetest things in life - it's still a favorite for my nearly 4 year old.

4:50 PM  

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