Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pac Man anyone?

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Sam is getting so big. He's almost 11 weeks old and weighs in the range of 14-15 lbs. He smiles a lot more and has discovered that he can suck on his hands. He's also not nearly as fussy as he was the first month of his life. Although he doesn't sleep through the night yet, he only wakes up once, usually, for a feeding and then goes back to sleep easily. Most days I don't even need a nap anymore, as long as I go to bed when Sam does, which can be as early as 9:00.

I've started working again, part-time for about a month, and then back full-time. Sam is staying home with his dad, who is adapting fairly well to the tedium and repition of caring for an infant. Matt's days are spent doing the "baby rotation" where you rotate through a handful of activities (feed, diaper, walk around the house, play on floor, play on lap) until the baby finally falls asleep for an hour or so. During the nap, Matt must decide whether to take a shower, brush his teeth, have a bite to eat, do some housework, or tinker with his electronics project, which is currently restoring a rare 1960's turntable.

It's not easy for Matt, nor is it easy for me to leave them. I'll admit that it is nice to get away and do something non-baby related -- even if it is work, but I'm constantly thinking about them and hoping Matt is holding up and that Sam doesn't think I've abandoned him. The commute is tough. I drive now instead of take the train. The traffic is so unpredictable. One day it took me nearly two hours to get to work. The next day it took one hour.

We'll all get used to our new lifestyle soon enough, I'm sure. Soon we'll wonder where the time went and marvel at how small Sam was when he was a baby. I try to think about this and cherish the times now when he falls asleep on my lap after nursing for 1/2 hour, even though I'd rather be puttering around the house or checking my email.

I think I hear Sam starting to stir from his nap...


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